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Create a Successful Business in Three Easy Steps 

About P.O.M

There are three universal truths that must be in place for any type of business to become something that flourishes and makes money, which I call the POM Principle. P stands for product, O for operations and M for marketing.  This book explains how to set up the structure for a business so that you move past sticking points. If you were attracted to this book, I'm guessing that you're likely in that stage now where you're scratching your head thinking: "what next?" This book will simply and easily lay out how to move forward boldly, step by step to building something that will pay your mortgage, and hopefully one day sell for lots of money.

What is P.O.M?


The thing you must sell. It could be a service you sell online, a physical packaged good or even intellectual property (an idea).

About the Author

Alyson Dutch is immersed in the world of products and the people behind them.  For thirty years, she has been a sought-after CPG launch specialist, heading Malibu-based Brown + Dutch Public Relations and Consumer Product Events. She is the author of the PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs and the POM Principle (P for Product, O for Operations, M for Marketing): The 3 Pillars to Start and Sustain Any Business. She has written for The New Economist, CEO World, Thrive Global, Small Business Digest, Tasting Panel, the Malibu Times Magazine and others.  In her spare time, she is an EMT ski patroller, climbs high altitude mountains, loves a hill on a  bike and drinks ‘09 Brunello when she gets home. 

About the Author

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